About LUNA Media

The convergence of technologies around the computer desktop was the beginnings of LUNA Media. Growing out of an exponentially increasing use of the computer in the arts, specifically music, founder Chris Rutkowski was gradually led to the conclusion that technology had evolved from being merely a tool, to being an integral part of the creative process.

The notation program Finale provides an illustration. Not very long ago, the program was primarily effective as a music typesetting application which produced professional level scores. Although it was possible to have the program playback the score, the results were almost uniformly disappointing. The quality of the synthesized instruments was often comical-saxophones sounded like car horns and articulations were rudimentary (e.g. all string attacks were downbows). In order to create a decent demo from the score, one had to link to powerful synthesizer (e.g. a Kurzweil), and often load the file into a sequencer and edit profusely.

However, in the last year or two, Finale has become much more powerful. "Human playback" has made tremendous strides in reproducing rubato and a musical sense of articulation. Thus, the notation program has included a powerful sequencer-once a free standing application. Second, with the inclusion of a library of good instrumental samples, the quality of the patches is vastly improved. Saxophones no longer sound like car horns. It is quite possible to create an excellent demo recording of an orchestra or jazz band piece-directly from the score. The result: what was once a program with one primary application can now be used as a composition tool, even to teach orchestration, or as a marketing tool for new pieces, or to streamline rehearsal time by providing singers with a demo recording to practice with.

This technological convergence is seen across the board. Thus, the interface of recording programs like the industry standard Pro Tools looks and acts very much like the video editing program Final Cut Pro-the timelines are nearly identical and functions like a crossfade are executed in the same way.

Where all these technologies meet is the internet, and this is focus of LUNA Media. A web site provides a home for the widest range of funtions, including archiving, publishing, audio downloads, educational blogs and videos, email newsletters, and e-commerce. Scores and recordings of Chris Rutkowski are available for purchase here, but also information as to how we can provide similar web solutions for new clients is available in the Web Tech section. Examples of web sites that have been created by us for creative professionals can also be found here.